Friday, June 20, 2008


I'm flying this weekend to SeasideTown, MA, for the wedding of Cricket's childhood friend.   It should be fun, although her parents'  housecats give me the wheezie, and I hate not being at my charming best when I'm with the parents.   I'm stressed, a little, because this is the sixth weekend of seven I haven't been able to work, and that gives me the Fear pretty bad.    I had a major piece of equipment break in my lab yesterday, which lowered morale further.    

On the plus side, I have a wireless router now, and am bit-torrenting the shit out of like 10 Galactica episodes.   Go, me.

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Ian Hurst said...

Hrm - which season are you watching? I gave up I think around mid way through season 3. Most I know who kept watching say it didn't improve from there, but I'd be glad to hear otherwise. When it's good, it's *really* good.