Wednesday, November 5, 2008

i'm back

I'm watching a creepy-as-fuck movie called "Don't Look Away" with
Donald Sutherland and (I think) Julie Christie. Some Unfogged
thread led me to it. What a crazy times the 70s must have been:
nudity in the movies, weird-ass outfits, and (although I'm not
finished, I suspect) the god-damned Devil.

I saw the holy one speak in Manassas on Monday night before Election
Day. The wait was too long, the warmup speeches execrable, and the
smooth-jazz entertainment pathetic. But his speech was good, even if
it was his standard wall-street/main-street Fire It Up Ready To Go
bit, and I couldn't resolve him b/c of distance and failing eyesight.
America, Fuck Yeah.

I figure we'll be pissed at him in about a year. The gay marriage
thing is a pretty big clue.