Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Poor me

Sorry no blogging.

It's feeling like tough times in Katzenklavier land.   I'm working twelve-hour days out of vague whim that it's my "scientific style," and I'm not getting much done.   That's partially because I'm an inefficient scientist, but also I'd like to think it's because I'm working on a tough problem.     The person a year ahead of me in the pipeline is getting the complete hairy eyeball from academia, and I don't think it bodes well for me, as this person is sexier on paper than me.   Granted nobody is sexier in person than myself.    I think I've really gotten decent at communicating the whole audacious enthusiasm thing in person, but I need to be able to get shortlisted somewhere. 

In other words, I'm definitely starting to freak out about where I'm going to be in the fall of 2009. 

Cricket is in Tanzania right now so I have nobody to talk to, which is fine, as I'm only thinking science and life strategy these days.   In grad school I had roommates and friends and people to drink with.   I don't dig too much on the phone conversations, so I pretty much isolate.   Last weekend I hung out with a friend from those days who lives around here, M, and another one who was in town visiting, P.   There was a lot of drinking.   I can't drink like I used to.  I also was pissed that the house party ran out of booze and my people wanted to go to Wonderland.   What would have been a $10 evening (Delerium Nocturnum, donated to party stash) turned into a $50 evening.   But I had fun.   P and M were my cohort in grad school, and it's always sweet to see them.   I wonder where we'll all be in ten years.

Also, in good news: Cricket will be cohabitating with me this summer.   The prospect of a girlfriend who isn't a million miles away is a nice one.    I like her friends who live in DC, too.    They class up my boring-ass joint, something sorely needed since I couldn't be fucked to even go to a show these days. 

I'll probably play hooky and watch basketball and drink on Friday, though.

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ml said...

you should blog even when your gf is in the country!!!