Saturday, March 22, 2008

A decent day.

Today was the sort of day off that I haven't had for a while.    I slept 'til 11, made myself pancakes, and headed to a coworker's apartment in the distant suburbs to watch basketball, drink beer, and have Chinese food delivered.   The basketball games sucked, the Chinese food was forgettable, and I don't think I'll be hanging out there often.   But it was relaxing.  

I decided not to turn it into a Saturday like last week's, so headed home to eat pie, clean my apartment a little, and watch season 4 Wire eps.   Tomorrow's a big day; I think all the pieces of the last month or so might come together in the lab. 

I'm reading A Prayer for Owen Meany, mostly because my supervisor who I respect made a casual reference to it in a meeting and I'm kind of curious about what sort of books he reads.   John Irving is one of those authors who I've perpetually avoided for no particular reason.   It's OK, but I probably won't pick up more of him.   I mostly liked the parts about the old man in the "present" (1987) day, and the evocation of the 60s.   I didn't really care for the the New England WASP fetishization.    But Cricket went to a private school in Cambridge, MA, and then Princeton, so I really need to be careful about how I say these things.   But technically she was born in Cali, so fuckit.

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