Thursday, September 13, 2007


I haven't written for a while and people are getting angry.

My girlfriend (Cricket) has moved to Chicago to start a master's degree and we're being long-distance lovebirds. Fortunately Southwest flies between BWI/DCA and Midway for around $120. The holidays should be a nightmare so I'm postponing dealing with it.

As I have almost no friends in DC beyond some coworkers and a couple transplants from California who I really should spend more time with, I'm planning to coopt Cricket's social life and insert myself into it. They're mostly cool people, but I might have to work to find some other scene to explore. I live in Adams Morgan but work in Gaithersburg so when my coworkers are like "lets go have a drink in Bethesda! It's like the city but closer!" I die a little.

I hate that I forgot the three things I saw in the Express this morning that looked cool to do this weekend.

I hate that my building's gym is so small; I was using an elliptical machine today because my rugbied knees can't take the impact of too much jogging and it basically sits right behind the only treadmill. So one other person (girl) comes into use the treadmill and basically has to run with the only other person in the room ten feet behind her. A smidge awkward. She left after a while. Her aborted post-run situp/crunch technique looked violent and unhealthy. I studiously kept my eyes on my heart rate monitor the whole time. I would have watched television but she picked some shitty program. I should have put on football.

I hate that I think of cool blog posts every hour or so but don't have the mental wherewithal to get them down.

I hate that Penitent hasn't posted in a while.

I hate that my bike lock's key doesn't open my bike lock anymore.

I hate that I have to coopt Kotsko's Tuesday Hatred to get a post banged out.

I hate that I have to go to sleep at a decent hour.


mlsurfs said...

like the nike ads when we were kids "JUST DO IT!"

Anonymous said...

cheer up! it's FRIDAY!! im with you on hating going to sleep at a decent hour. also, bethesda = death.

penitent said...

Hey, I've been posting constantly as compared to you. Nothing particularly interesting, I admit, but I'm trying to learn an undergraduate degree's worth of math in a year, which isn't too conducive to blogging.

Good luck with that long-distance thing. I did it for a few years and it blew.