Friday, June 22, 2007


A reader e-mailed me chastising me for my pompous statements the other day re: the worship of Mammon.   I do apologize.   What remains true is that I really would like a job that is at least tangentially science-related.   This means: not quant finance, not regular finance/i-banking, not software development, and not standard management consulting (I say standard because some companies, like Booz Allen, are quite intimately involved with science funding.)

Non-academic jobs that would be acceptable, should I go that path, include applied-science startups, where several awesome people I know from grad school have gone, national laboratory positions, FFRDCs, the vanishingly few industrial research houses, and, surprisingly, even patent-law advising,  although that's a stretch. 

This plan all sounds well and good, but I'm shitty at prediction.   I'll post again in two years when I'm working at a hedge fund.

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