Sunday, January 14, 2007


This post was written in Dupont Circle, while I waited for a few minutes before going to see Children of Men.    DC is unseasonably warm today, and what really bugs me is that it's humid.   How a city can be sixty pleasaant degrees and I'm breaking a sweat walking a leisurely twenty minutes downhill is just beyond me.    It's possible I'm just hella out of shape, but I walk everywhere in this damn town and while I won't be playing any contact sports or running a marathon anytime soon, I'm hardly pathetic.   So yeah, humidity BOO.  

The football games were adequate today.   I wasn't hung over, but the fancy Lebanese restaurant food left me feeling unnaturally delicate.   I had a shit-ton of hummus and the lamb osso bucco, so I probably only have myself to blame for my soda-water and bits-of-lettuce football-watching diet.    Maybe some coffee an' a doughnut, too, but that was before I really felt the full onslaught of last night's culinary extravaganza.    I'm a little sad about the Chargers losing because I have two close friends who live and die by the Bolt being Back (or not) and they'll be bitchy for a while about this.    

I have no NFL loyalty of my own and merely imprint onto my nearest friend like a gridiron duckling.    This means that my hierarchy of fan-hood goes something like this: the Chargers and NY football G are tops, followed by vague support of the other three NFC East teams, with some love for the Packers and Bears thrown in there, as I have Midwestern roots.    I also liked the Patriots for a while but I've largely been cured of that, with the exception of this playoff season, when I have $50 on them at 6-1 to win the Super Bowl.   Fight on, Mr. Brady.  

As much as I've been dating lately, I haven't forgotten the pleasure of going to the movies by myself, which, speaking of, it's time to do.  

Mental note: I'm alone now, but don't ever sit with a date on the benches surrounding Dupont circle.   The area's lousy with mice and I've seen three scurry across the benches adjacent to me in the last ten minutes.   This hot DC date tip is one in a series; next, what to do when you find out your date is a Republican staffer!

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mbean said...

so wait. you have no NFL loyalty? then why were you watching so much this afternoon. booo football. yay basketball