Monday, January 15, 2007

Me and every other blog

A disturbing Modern Love in this weekend's Times.    I read it and felt sorry for everyone concerned.   But the story's a little more complicated, and a lot less rosy for the man involved than Cross' portrayal.   A post at Daily Kos is spittle-flecked but makes the obvious point that the facts of the case are different than Cross describes.     Amusingly, Camille Paglia also weighed in, in her typical soft-and-fluffy fashion.   One suspects she was looking to rant, and didn't do much digging.

I have an instant dislike for this Cross person, but something rings true in her writing, that obviously doesn't resonate with the Kos poster-- the personality of the boy when she was with him.   

My useless intuition in this case is that this guy was wrecked with remorse for what happened, and then completely confused at how to deal with women afterwards, and he ran into absolutely the worst possible next relationship (not to be construed as apologetics for a convicted sex offender). But my intuition told me the Dukies were guilty, guilty, guilty, and it looks like I was pretty off the mark there, although the moms interviewed on 60 Minutes last night left me feeling ill.

Nothing is creepier than Cross' final line: "I wish he had found me first."


mbean said...

i read that column every week too. i thought it was creepy but standard, and didn't google any of it. surprised at your blogger links. also, it's weird that this dude was allowed to be a counselor at a summer camp... you'd think they'd have a question like "do you have any criminal convictions, or pending legal cases against you"

Counterfly said...

I don't read Modern Love regularly, but I'm told it's regularly creepy.