Saturday, January 17, 2009


I've been on a savagely depressing movie kick lately.     Last week it was The Last Picture Show, which was worth maybe a quarter of the Christmas Chivas (courtesy of Cricket's folks).   It's always a shock how prevalent nudity was in early 1970s (Oscar-winning!) cinema, but hey, it kept me from wanting to kill myself from angst while watching it.    It was really good, though: I'd never heard of Timothy Bottoms before, but apparently he was a bit of a star back then.    A young Lebowski was also awesome.     Cybill Shepherd is the girl who Bottoms and Lebowski fall for.   She apparently hooked up with the director, Peter Bogdanovich.    Good times. 

 I only after realized that Bottoms played the dude in Johnny Got His Gun, the movie made from the good Dalton Trumbo book, most famously used (and now owned) by the guys from Metallica, everybody's favorite has-beens, for their change-your-life-good video for One.

Although this is cool too: One with Legos.

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