Sunday, March 25, 2007

It had to be Jew

Which is, of course, IMDB's alternate title to Annie Hall.   I'm watching it right now and just made the connection between Christopher Walken's monologue in the bedroom and the Jawbreaker song "Jet Black." Actually, I think my friend F., who turned me onto Mr. Schwarzenbach's work, told me where the quote was from a long time ago, but being forgetful I'd of course completely misplaced the reference.  

I'm only half-enjoying it.  I think there's a lot of baggage about Woody Allen movies and it's rendered a lot of it unwatchable.    I keep waiting for Charles Bronson to show up and get all Paul Kersey on Woody's ass.    I like  Annie, though, although the whole no-job thing is kind of a deal-killer.

Also, with the exception of Charles Bronson, and me being born, the 70s look like they sucked.

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