Friday, February 23, 2007


I just got a new pen.   I'm a sucker for fountain pens, because they improve my normally ghastly penmanship.   Granted, they improve only slightly, but I feel more sophisticated and at least reasonably more legible when I use 'em.  

Anyway, it's a Lamy Vista,  it ran me $25, and is of the fine (F) nibbed variety.   I heard about at this rather interesting article about hacking your Moleskine , which is the sort of site that makes me wish I was that kind of person, that would both get off on hacking my Moleskine, but also have an improved life due to better daily planning.   At least somebody's doing it.   Dollars to doughnuts I would be a little annoyed if I ever saw anyone with a hacked Moleskine in public, though.   I enjoy the simple hypocrisy of affectations only being cool when I or a select close friend demonstrate them.

Amusingly, I found that link at, in another unnamed person's link-list (who incidentally doesn't seem to realize that their list is public).   Approximately 1000 people have saved that link, which means it was on metafilter, and that people are dorks.


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