Tuesday, February 13, 2007


My goals upon arrival in DC were many. Meet women. Reverse debt curve. Go to more shows. Dress better. Be awesome scientist. Blog regularly. Figure out life path and early career. It's a snowy night, and I'm not feeling profound, so I'll address the simplest. Upcoming shows I'm excited about:

Mastodon at the 9:30 Club. Heavy music. I won't be bringing a date. Converge is opening, who at some point put out music I dug.

Explosions in the Sky, also 9:30 Club. Soft-loud post-rock. They're possibly past their prime, and I haven't listened to the new album. But they've earned a little attention from me for their amazing first few albums and the fact that Friday Night Lights (the movie) became a must-see because of them, if it wasn't already, which varies widely from person to person.

The Thermals at the Black Cat. An old friend turned me on this poppy Sub-pop punk band. Half the songs are in my head now.

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